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Urbanity Property Development specialises in Residential Property Development and Investment Property Solutions predominantly throughout NSW, ACT and QLD.

Residential Property Development

We quite often observe property investors (incl. building related tradespeople) making the step into property development and property investment without the guidance of an experienced property developer and investor. This scenario often turns for the worse for the property investor.

Urbanity conducts detailed property development feasibilities and follows through to property development completion maximising property performance at all stages in design, planning, construction, marketing and sales.

Investment Property Solutions

We create property investment opportunities and implement various investment property solutions to help you find quality residential property investment starting from $0 cost per week out of pocket and with the real possibility of $0 deposit subject to your individual circumstances.

Residential Investment Property Strategy - Example

Our property investors can be set up with specific purpose investment vehicles via residential investment property to pay off their home loan sooner. Our property investment strategies are specifically designed to help pay off your home loan sooner.

Urbanity has many other property investment strategies such as debt recycling, enabling you to use your property investment to pay off an average home loan of $350,000 within a 4 year time period, whilst maintaining your current lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Development Common Risks

Some common risk traps that turns a property development into a negative project return are as follows:

  1. Falling Short of the Expected Property Sales Values - property investors often fail to realise that the sensitivity of a 5% decrease in expected sale value, results up to a 50% loss of expected property development profit. Urbanity has a loyal following of property investor buyers and as such is in touch with the market place in real time. Urbanity is best placed to manage your development property as it actually knows the end use property buyers;
  2. Highest and Best Use Quite Often is Not Highest Density Scenario - property investors often fail as they auto align their property target performance to the "Highest Density Scenario" without extensive strategic property development analysis. This is a costly and loss of time misconception with many Development Application approvals ending up worthless due to expensive construction design and limited property buyer appetite for the "dog box". Urbanity conducts a detailed property development feasibility of many and extensive scenarios taking account of the property variables and sensitivities such as construction costs, risk analysis, property market appetite, point of difference, price point analysis to maximise the property development performance;
  3. Highest Development Margin is Not Always the Best Case Scenario as it Does Not Take Time into Consideration - property investors often fall in the trap of pursuing the highest development margin scenario making errors, not allowing for their return on time with the end result being paying to much for their land and pursuing the wrong development scenario. Urbanity uses sophisticated performance returns indicators such as internal rate of return on equity and residual land value based on net present value to ensure time and return is truly taken into account;
  4. Failing to Appoint an Experienced Development Manager allowing the design consultant such as the Architect to lead the project in their own perceived direction, resulting in poor property development performance. The design consultant only understands one aspect of the development process, i.e. the design. Urbanity are experienced property developers leading the project from start to finish, understanding the "complete picture" including all facets of the property development cycle from Acquisition, Design, Feasibility, Construction, Finance and Sales Marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Urbanity will make you money, reduce your risk and help you increase the value of your property today. Click here for a no obligation free property assessment.

It is never too late to talk to Urbanity even if you have a current property development in progress. The sooner you engage Urbanity the sooner we are able to property development manage your property in order to extract maximum property value within the most efficient risk / time parameters.

We are Property Development experts with our services tailored to each project including but not limited to:

  • Project Identification, Property Strategy;
  • Property Acquisition Solutions;
  • Property Development Feasibility and Conceptual Design Analysis;
  • Property Funding and Property Structure Analysis including Negotiation;
  • Property Stakeholder management;
  • Property Development strategies, implementation and review;
  • Design Management;
  • Planning Authority and Stakeholder Management;
  • Builder Procurement and Construction Management;
  • Risk Management Assessments and Strategies;
  • Property Value Add Strategies and Implementation;
  • Market Point of Difference, Positioning and SWOT analysis;
  • Property Timing Analysis;
  • Property Sales, Property Marketing & Lease Management Trend Analysis;
  • Project marketing;
  • Property management rights strategies;
  • Property Handover, commissioning and occupation. 
Urbanity will reduce your risk and help you increase the value of your property today. Register here for a no obligation free property assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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